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SMK Solar: A Consistent and Dependable Supplier of Off-grid System

SMK Solar is a leading manufacturer of Solar Charge Controller and various components for off-grid power system.Our products range is wide which including the MPPT& PWM Solar Charge Controller,Off grid inverter,hybrid inverter,Solar Pumping invertr, Solar Lightting System and Solar Freezer etc.We are professional in residential stand-alone system solutions. SMK Solar not only offer offer core component of solar charge controller and inverter for solar system, but also we provide turn-key solutions (PV kits) for your energy demand
Over two billion people today are still without access to electricity and therefore cut off from almost all the achievements of our modern civilization. After all,
electricity is the key to clean water, education, health
and economic development
With our products for off-grid system, we provide a clean and cost-effective solution to this problem. Especially when not only the original costs, but also the costs of maintenance and operation are included in the equation. Stand-alone systems are not only of interest for emerging economies, but also for regions in which the connection to national power distribution grid would be too cost-intensive or is technically not feasible
Off-grid systems are evolving into a key market of the future-the niche status they once occupied is already a thing of the past. For many countries in Africa, Eastern Asia and South America, A PV-based off-grid power supply is today the most cost-effective way to set up a stable power distribution grid. This is a vision we have been working on ever since our company was founded and which will continue to be a guideline for our action in the future.
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Latest Technology

We have access totheatestdevelopment in renewable energy technologies. SMK Solar offers a wide range of components for the whole off-grid solar system.

Engineering Expertise

InSMKSolarweknowthateveryinstallation for off grid system is different. One of our solar experts will conduct Solar Site Analysis using thelatesttools in the industry to ensure the maximum performance of your solar system.

Reliability & Honesty

Developing long-lastingrelationshipswith our customers is of utmost importanceto SMK Solar. Wearecommittedtoproviding our customers with excellentall-roundservices, before, during and after the installation of your renewable energy system.

Value for money

We believe in the rightbalancebetween quality and price. Weoffercompetitively priced systems while maintaining our high standard of quality.


SMK Solar’s vision remains being a true supplier partner that support you to be more

competitive in you market and will always strive to
offer excellent value and service.


SMK Solar has developed comprehensive product line for residential off grid system. We understand the need to offer choices for our customers and offer a range of technologies, price points and service.

We align ourselves to brands that have the same values as ours namely service and support, quality and value for money. Our products are backed by warranties held globally, our experience and knowledge sets us apart from the competition and our commitment to serving the customer's needs is paramount.


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